Our racing bikes
Our racing bikes

The Chiapale & Pepino s.n.c. is an artisan company specializing in the design and production of hight-quality racing bikes and mountain bikes.

The choice of components, precision painting and customized assembly are the secrets which make our bikes unique.

The on-line sales system, direct from the maker to the costumer, also allows us to give you the best value for your money.


Da sinistra verso destra: Michele Pepino, Stefano Consolino ed Enrico Chiapale
Da sinistra verso destra: Michele Pepino, Stefano Consolino ed Enrico Chiapale

Enrico Chiapale, creator and designer of the brand. In 1986 he turned his passion into his work and, together with his father Roberto Chiapale, started the business. From the beginning the bikes have been handcrafted in the backroom of the workshop.


Michele Pepino, a leading figure in the cycling community in Cuneo (with more than 300 victories in cycling races and 6 times winner at the prestigious Fausto Coppi race), joined Enrico. Toghether they have expanded the business increasing the number of their customers and continuing to spoil their regulars.


Riccardo Andreis it's our web manager; with its decennial experience in the field is capable of assisting the customer at best


Stefano Consolino, a young champion who rides for our team in the local amateur competitions (second place at the 2013 Fausto Coppi race). In 2013 he was enthusiastic to join the Pepino Team.

Our History

We started up our business in Cuneo (Italy) in 1896 when my father and I opened a workshop specializing in the sale and repair of bikes. That was period of calm before the famous boom in Mountain Bike in the 90s...

Our sales strategy has always been focused on selling bikes of our own production. We wanted to fully meet the expectations of our costumers by providing them with customized bikes. After my father passed away, so early, Michele Pepino, the leading figure in the local cycling community, joined me.

And, together through our enthusiasm, passion and hard work, we have reached this point. At Cicli Chiapale & Pepino s.n.c. we have only one single goal: to satisfy our costumers by offering them customized products and services.

Chiapale Enrico




V.N.B. is the slogan of the company which aims to offer the highest quality at the best price. The acronym V.N.B. means "Very Normal Bikers" and is the source of inspiration for our work. We are aware that we are going against the trend of many major bike brands but we believe that it is possibible to buy a professional racing bike without soending a fortune. Unfortunately, we see that cycling is becoming more and more concerned with grams, numbers and watst of power. These are definitely very important things but they are not as fundamental as people  believe. We love cycling because it allows everybody, from the pro who trains cycling every day to the amateur, to overcome their limits, setting themselves increasingly ambitious goals. We are Very Normal Bikers and proud of it !



Our added value is that we offer the opportunity to customize every bike, trying to meet our customer's specific demands. Every PEPINO bike is hand-assembled. For this reason it is possible to customize many parts of your own bike, from the colour of the frame, to the drivetrain system, from the wheels, to the gear ratio etc...




We pay particular attention to the riding position. Cycling should increase our physical wallbeing and our quality of life. The correct riding position should lead not only to the improvement of performance but also to increased comfort. Thanks to current technological development nothing is impossible. We firmly believe that no limit or physical problem can prevent you from enjoying a bike ride.



Our pre sales period is the essential moment for the creation of an entirely handcrafted bike which satisfies the expectations of our customers.

At the same time our post sales period is crucial too. PEPINO'S specialists are committed to giving customers all the full technical assistance they need.

Our goal is not just to sell bikes but to be able to fully satisfy our costumer. For this reason we hope that you too can become passionate about cycling: our eternal passion, the sport we have always loved.

That's our biggest victory !